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College of Education is one of the formations of the Iraqi University that is affiliated with Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It adopts controls, regulations and laws that apply to its counterparts of Universities . The college is established in 2023 AD, corresponding to 1445 AH. The curricula of the college are approved by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Committee of Deans of Colleges of Education in Iraq. The college grants a bachelor degree in Education, and each department within its specialty, and the Degree qualifies the graduate student to work in the fields of teaching, employment, and admission to postgraduate studies programs. The college adopts the annual study system.


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The Ratio of Teachers to Students:3.18
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The Ratio of Researchers to Research:0.27

College Vision

Leadership in providing educational programs in scientific and literary specializations that contribute to the growth and development of society.

College Message

Preparing and qualifying educational generations that are distinguished by their scientific thinking and enriching their behavior, capability of assuming the responsibility of education and performing it effectively through various educational programs, efficient partnership with the scientific environment and its various institutions, and best investing of the resources.

College Goals

1- Developing the doctrine of loyalty to homeland and humanity, and providing the student with the rights, duties and responsibilities that make him embrace his responsibility and role towards homeland and humanity.
2- Providing a stimulating, high-quality academic environment through implementing the best educational, administrative and pedagogical methods.
3- Achieving educational obgectives and outcomes that meet the requirements of the labor market and consolidate the original values of society.
4- Preparing and encouraging scientifically distinguished cadres to pursue postgraduate studies and embark on the field of scientific research to keep pace with the university’s progress and enter it into the advanced international classifications.
5- Developing scientific and critical thinking skills to encourage the spirit of innovation among students, staff and faculty members,
6- Achieving comprehensive quality standards in accordance with the nationally and internationally approved standards.
7- Raising the level of administrative and teaching staff ,technically and practically, in various fields of knowledge , by facilitating their enrollment in programs, training courses, and national, Arab, and international conferences.
8- Activating the role of the college in the field of community participation and local infrastructure development.

College Accepted goals and Inputs

Section Average Accepted Branches Study
English Language (Preference)
(50 Morning / 50 Evening)
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied
English Teachers Institute (5 years after intermediate)
Arabic Language (Preference)
(50 Morning / 50 Evening)
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied - Art Branch Secondary Schools - English Teachers Institute
(Arabic Language, Islamic Education and Arabic Language, Arabic and Social Studies) (5 years after intermediate) Islamic Schools under Education - Islamic Secondary Schools under Waqfs - External Study Students (who passed only the final exam)
Quranic Sciences and Islamic Education (Preference)
(50 Morning / 50 Evening)
Biological - Applied - Scientific - Literary -  Graduates of Vocational Training Centers with a three-year study period who passed the ministerial exam in the corresponding specialty - Islamic Preparatory Schools under Education - Islamic Preparatory Schools under Waqfs - External Study Students (who passed only the final exam) - Teachers Preparation Institute (Islamic Studies Department, Arabic Language Department) Morning

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