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The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences was established as one of the colleges of Imam Ja'far University in 2016 in accordance with the Law of Private Colleges and Universities in Iraq No. 13 of 1996. It is worth mentioning that our university was founded and recognized on 3/8/2008 after approval by the Council of Ministers in its regular session on 2/1/2008. Our college, with its three departments: Business Administration, Accounting, and Petroleum and Gas Economics, enjoys a good reputation and wide acceptance among students and their families. It is distinguished by its excellent strategic location in the beloved capital, Baghdad, and its specialized teaching staff, as well as modern facilities including air-conditioned classrooms and laboratories equipped with computers and various other technologies. Our college initially started with two distinguished departments: Business Administration and Accounting, followed by a modern department that meets the needs of the market and fulfills the aspirations of young people and society, which is the Department of Petroleum and Gas Economics.


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The Ratio of Teachers to Students:58.49
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The Ratio of Researchers to Research:0.2

College Vision

The College of Administrative and Financial Sciences is clear in its vision, which was built based on the opinions of the teaching staff, employees, and students, reflecting the aspirations of the university. It focuses on some meaningful words, namely: 'continuous innovation in education, research, and leadership.'

College Message

Fostering youth potential and preparing them as a force for the future to confront environmental challenges and achieve educational goals with diverse and extensive experiences. Creating successful leaders in the workforce, developing society, building relationships, and encouraging productive, varied communication.

College Goals

1. Relying on robust local and international curricula to support students' cognitive development.
2. Establishing partnerships with other universities, whether local or international, to enhance and diversify knowledge acquisition, contributing to the university's development.
3. Organizing conferences, specialized workshops, and courses to enhance knowledge dissemination and updating presentation mechanisms.
4. Developing and updating the administrative system to align with environmental changes.
5. Enhancing the competence of the academic staff by providing them with the necessary knowledge to tackle existing challenges, encouraging them to publish research globally and locally, and participating in conferences and workshops.
6. Giving attention to societal issues, reflecting the university leadership's strong sense of social responsibility towards various segments of society, and assisting them in serving their interests.

College Accepted goals and Inputs

Department Average Accepted Branches Study
Accounting (Preference)
(50 points)
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied - Commerce (Accounting - General) Morning - Evening
Business Administration (Preference)
(50 points)
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied - Commerce (General - Warehouse Management - Economics - Management) Computer and Information Technology (Electronic Management) Morning - Evening
Oil and Gas Economics (Preference)
(50 points)
Scientific - Biological - Applied - Literary - Commerce (General - Accounting - Management - Economics) Morning - Evening

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Department of Oil and Gas Economics


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