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The Ratio of Teachers to Students:54.57
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The Ratio of Researchers to Research:0.27

College Vision

The college comprises two departments: the Law Department and the Political Science Department. Through these, the college strives to build an aware generation that contributes to the future of our beloved country, relying on modern teaching methods and a specialized academic staff.

College Message

To prepare and graduate legal and political scientific competencies capable of meeting the needs of the public and private sectors, by comprehending the needs of the society and the job market, excelling in legal and political education, and creating an academic environment that achieves freedom of thought, expression, and publishing, responding to the requirements and needs of the era, and keeping up with scientific development by blending theory and practice.

College Goals

1. Meet all the requirements of national institutional accreditation standards specific to higher education institutions.
2. Spread legal culture and deepen its foundations aimed at developing the components of the legal and political personality in its sound knowledge and scientific formation.
3. Enhance the necessary legal knowledge and skills and employ them to effectively and efficiently solve pending problems, progressing from general to specific and from theoretical to practical.
4. Work to increase practical application opportunities in coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council, legal departments, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a manner that follows theoretical study with practical application.
5. Contribute to the development of plans in state institutions in the public and private sectors regarding legal and political aspects, and provide innovative models and experiences for solving various problems.
6. Improve the efficiency of employees and workers in the public and private sectors, through curricula and training programs to graduate as jurists and political consultants.

College Accepted goals and Inputs

Department Average Score Accepted Branches Study Schedule
Law (64.5) Morning
(60.5) Evening
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied Morning - Evening
Political Science (Preference)
(Ascending 50)
Literary - Scientific - Biological - Applied Morning - Evening

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